Spring break 2019

This year we are excited to be sending teams of people to 6 different locations: Italy, Amsterdam, New York City, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Muncie. 

Turin, Italy

March 1- March 10

Cost- $1600-$2000

We will be heading to Turin Italy and working with out sister church, El Refugio. On this trip, we will be teaching English to college students from Italy and around the world. These classes will enable us to learn about their culture, share about our culture, and engage meaningfully about Jesus and Christianity. Much of the trip will be spent hanging out and building relationships with the Italians we meet during the English clubs.


March 1- March 10

Cost- $1500-$1750

*Trip is capped at 6 students

We will be building relationships and sharing conversation with people who are living in Amsterdam as Refugees. These refugees are seeking asylum in the Netherlands and most await a government decision about their asylum. They come mostly from Muslim backgrounds countries all over the Middle East. This trip is for people who are confident in starting conversations with new people and those who have evangelistic experience in navigating conversations about life and faith with people from other religious traditions.

New York City

March 1- March 6

Cost- $750-850

*Trip will be capped at 10 students

Come and explore one of the largest cities in the world for spring break. On this trip, we will focus on how we can use our future professions to honor and serve God. This trip will be tailor-made to explore the areas of the city that are relevant to the future vocations of its participants.

Cabin Trip- Smoky Mtns, Tennessee (Girls Only)

March 2- March 6

Cost- $350

This trip is specifically a time to connect with God and be refreshed.  We will spend 5 days just outside of Gatlinburg in a cabin close to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  The main hope for this time is to get away from the busy nature of life and our routines and seek God. We will spend time in fellowship and connecting with God through scripture, nature, solitude, prayer, and worship.

Camping Trip- Smoky Mtns, North Carolina (Guys Only)

March 2 - March 6

Cost: $350

*Trip will be capped at 10 students

We’ll be spending three full days in the Smoky wilderness as a group of men seeking the Lord together. This is a time to disconnect from our daily routine, focus on spiritual disciplines, engage with the scriptures, share our experiences, and connect with the Lord personally.

Muncie, IN

March 3- March 8

Cost- $125-150

*Trip will be capped at 8-12 students

The Muncie Spring Break Experience is a week focused on deepening our knowledge of the Gospel and what it looks like to help be a part of God's redeeming work in our city. We'll spend our week partnering with local organizations making a difference in Muncie, exploring our city and eating at local restaurants, and  hearing from folks in our community about what living out the gospel means to them.