discipline rhythms

Even though we aren't physically together, we can still seek the Lord together. There will be opportunities to be in scripture, worship, and pray with others in addition to our Sunday service.

  • revolution service – sundays @11am

    Join our weekly church service as we gather virtually, worship together, and continue our series through the book of Philippians.

  • middle school mark study – sundays @4pm

    The middle grades RevoKids class (grades 5-8) will have a weekly video chat to discuss how the Sunday teaching applies to our lives.

  • morning mugs w/ jenna – m/w/f @7:30am

    Grab a mug of your favorite warm beverage and join Jenna for a time of scripture reading, reflection, & prayer.

  • worship hour w/ matt – tu/th @4pm

    We'll spend time listening to, talking about, and singing worship songs together. Like K-LOVE but with more All Sons & Daughters.

  • Praying through the psalms w/ Chris – Tuesdays @7pm

    We are going through an unprecedented time. Lot of emotions are swirling around as we try live and walk with our heavenly Father. Throughout the next several weeks we will take a deep dive in the book of Psalms, one of the most intense emotional books in the Bible. Come and join and we give a place and space to talk about what the Lord says about anger, fear, sadness, joy and peace.

  • Men's prayer time – saturdays @9am

    A time of prayer and fellowship for the men in our community.

health rhythms

It's no surprise that times like this can take its toll on one's emotional and physical health. There will be opportunities to work out together, to study and do homework, and get other tasks done together. We hope these opportunities can be small ways we can come out of isolation all be pursuing healthy living together.

  • wod & worship w/ brandon – m/w/f @4pm

    Short but intense 10-20 min home workout that is adjustable to any fitness level. Possibly with Kirk Franklin playing in the background.

fun rhythms

It's important to pursue fun together as believers—especially in difficult times! Laughter and levity is part of God's design for Christian community and we'll have several opportunities for that throughout the week.

  • life conmigo feat. chris and migo – m/f @1pm

    Get a deep dive into the life of Chris Portillo and his dog Migo.

  • cooking with karl – fridays at @12pm

    Come cook with Karl Romone Oswalt II, learn a little bit about life, love, and loins (pork loins that is).

  • movie night w/ jay – fridays @8pm

    Have a favorite movie you're dying to share? Wanting to see the latest Netflix film? Join Jay (and sometimes Rachael) for a weekly Friday movie night and discussion.

  • movie night & discussion – fridays @8/10pm

    Each week we'll watch a selected movie at 8pm followed by a discussion at 10pm.