pastors & staff team

The staff and leadership at the Revolution is comprised of individuals who are passionate about college students and the gospel. They have dedicated their time to full-time or part-time ministry in order to connect with and impact students for the Kingdom. We're a group of unique individuals with the common thread of desiring to reach Ball State with the gospel. 

  • Neil kring


    Hometown: Speedway, IN

    Family: Kelly and 5 kids cloned in my image: Taylor, Dyllan, Wesley, Jaelen, Colbey

    Interests: Reading, talking and telling stories, taking baths, the outdoors, basketball, bikes, movies, hip-hop, and being a famous recording artist.

    What I love about ministry: Helping people come to Jesus and experience the gospel, helping people have hope, addressing the lies we believe about ourselves, teaching from the Bible, dreaming what could be if we all submitted our lives to the values of Christ’s kingdom.

    Interesting thing about me: I am the star of many famous internet videos.

  • carl frost

    pastor & campus director

    Hometown: Bloomington, Illinois (make sure you pronounce that s)

    Family: My wife Carolyn and I have been married for 11 years. We have three little kids, Lincoln who is 9 and Lily who is 7, and Wilson who is 4.

    Interests: Playing sports, but that is getting harder since I turned 30. I still don’t think I’ve lost a step but I am getting dangerously close. I love to read and watch sports. I also do stand up comedy in my free time (and that's no joke.)

    What I love about ministry: I love meeting new people. I love helping people get connected to community and seeing that community help transform people’s lives. I also love to teach and study the Bible.

    Interesting thing about me: I have done 5 marathons, but I really don’t enjoy running.

  • jeff eads


    Hometown: Anderson, IN

    Family: Married to the lovely Andrea and we have three fantastic kiddos: Madilyn, Jack and Dorothy

    Interests: I enjoy playing basketball, traveling, dancing with my wife and going on dates with my kids.

    What I love about ministry: Working with a great team of folks to creatively bring the love of Christ to this community.

    Interesting thing about me: I raised grand champion goldfish in 4-H. It was covered in the local paper. 

  • mark rohlfing


    Hometown: Bartlesville, OK

    Family: Jayne, Tommy 15, Louis 12

    Interests: The outdoors and adventuring. I love mountains, backpacking, rafting, canyoneering, skiing, pontooning, and hanging around a fire with some good friends. I love relationship and doing life with those I'm close with. I also love to create and dream. I like to build and work with wood. I consider myself a learner and love new things.

    What I love about ministry: I love seeing the light bulbs come on in the lives of God's children (myself very much included). I love experiencing God in new and fresh ways, and watching Him reveal Himself to us in new and surprising experiences. I love the mystery and "unsearchableness" of God while He is at the same time my daddy, who loves me, but more who likes me and smiles down on me. I love helping people in their journeys to "get this" more and more.

    Interesting thing about me: I love to cruise the Prairie Creek Reservoir in a giant sombrero.

  • brandon clemens

    campus staff

    Hometown: Goshen, IN

    Family: I have a beautiful wife, Jenna, a cute and destructive son, Jackson (3), and a new baby girl, Penelope.

    Interests: Sports, Food, Shoes, Denzel Washington movies

    What I love about ministry: I love sharing the Gospel with people. Reaching out to the lost and the broken and telling them about Jesus is my favorite part of this job.

    Interesting thing about me: I've decided that at age 29, I've re-entered my athletic prime - not through athletic training, but through sheer force of will.

  • Jenna Clemens

    campus staff

    Hometown: Springfield, VA

    Family: Married to the funniest and funnest man I’ve ever met, Brandon, for the past 5 years. We have a 3 year-old son, Jackson, and one year old baby girl, Penelope.

    Interests: Candy, cupcakes, cleaning, Christ, and math.

    What I love about ministry: Getting to know people and hearing their stories, while helping them to understand God’s love and purpose for them.

    Interesting thing about me: I fiddle in a sweet bluegrass cover band called Chief Muncie & The Young Professionals.

  • Darbi strahle

    campus staff

    Hometown: Madison, IN

    Family: My dog, Madi, lives with me.

    Interests: I love Muncie, baking, playing volleyball, hanging out with friends, campfires, roller coasters, and really good coffee.

    What I love about ministry: I love people and practically sharing the love of Jesus with them. I love seeing people get connected in community and grow deeper in their understanding of God’s love for them and others.

    Interesting thing about me: I have a life long dream of riding a kangaroo. It’s going to happen.

  • rachael fern

    campus staff

    Hometown: Greenfield, IN

    Family: My husband Matt and I have been married for 5 years and just this year welcomed our daughter Charlotte into the world!

    Interests: I love reading, playing tennis, being outside, and listening to good music.

    What I love about ministry: I love watching people come to know the Lord and experience what it means to live passionately for Him. I love hearing people’s stories of how God pursued them and changed their lives. I also love seeing people experience hope and peace and life anew through the Lord.

    Interesting thing about me: My favorite animal is the manatee. You might think that’s a joke…’s not.

  • chris glotzbach

    campus staff

    Hometown: Lanesville, IN

    Family: I'm sure I'll have one someday.

    Interests: I love playing and watching sports, talking about the ending of Lost, and of course competition, confrontation and community.

    What I love about ministry: I love seeing people grow together in community and grow closer to God. I love the possibility of ministry. There are so many people who need to hear who Jesus is and I love sharing that with them.

    Interesting thing about me: I am a mediocre magician. Can I preform at your birthday party?

  • courtney bishop

    campus staff

    Hometown: Warsaw, Indiana

    Family: I'm married to Zane, who does all my Google searching for me, cause he's really good at it. We also have cat named Neely, and she's really sweet.

    Interests: I like to read and listen to Podcasts. I LOVE fall. I also love to be snuggled up on my couch in a cozy blanket, with candles and a cup of coffee.

    What I love about ministry: Being in community and helping students discover the beauty, necessity, and blessing of community.

    Interesting thing about me: I really hate birds. Except penguins, because how could you?

  • iesha alspaugh

    campus staff

    Hometown: I lived in Troy, Ohio for 11 years

    Family: When I hashtag fam it typically includes my older sister or one of my parents

    Interests: Twitter, coffee with hazelnut and almond milk, reading and writing, being outdoors, spending time with people, listening to music, keeping up with the newest slang

    What I love about ministry: I love walking with people as they surrender different parts of their lives to God and seeing how what they're passionate about comes alive in the Gospel

    Interesting thing about me: I'm the friend you want at your wedding.



    Hometown: Fishers, IN

    Family: My parents live in Indy, my brother lives in Cali, and my cat lives on Instagram

    Interests: Cats, tea, coffee, 4 for 4’s, road trips, Juno, Arrested Development, sweatshirts, Dr. Pepper

    What I love about ministry: Hearing people's stories, seeing them encounter Christ, and watching them grow in their walk with the Lord throughout college and after. I’m also a big fan of traditional and contemporary worship music.

    Interesting thing about me: I’m actually pretty funny.

  • chris portillo

    Campus staff

    Hometown: Jasper, IN

    Family: My loving wife, Emily. Kids will definitely be happening soon

    Interests: I love Chinese buffets but I also don't mind take out places. I enjoy playing sports and video games. I'm always up for going fishing, shopping, or watching sad movies. 

    What I love about ministry: Everyone has a story. In ministry, I get to hear new stories every day. Life can be messy but ministry allows us to walk through it together alongside our Heavenly Father. If we've never met, I'd love to meet you and talk! 

    Interesting thing about me: I have what doctors call a "Pigeon Bone." One of my rib cages intertwines into a ball. It's pretty rad. 

  • JAy coles

    Campus staff

    Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

    Family: My parents and two sisters live in Indy. A cute poodle and shih tzu belong to me, and they also live in Indy. 

    Interests: I love reading, writing, and listening to/composing music. I love Pizza King, but am on a new diet. And I love watching and playing basketball, even though I'm not very good. 

    What I love about ministry: I really love seeing other get curious about our Heavenly Father deeper through the spiritual disciplines. 

    Interesting thing about me: I am a published author and have written various symphonies for orchestras in Japan! 

  • emily portillo

    associate staff

    Hometown: Terre Haute, IN

    Family: My husband, Chris, and I met at Ball State and he introduced me to The Revolution. He's also on staff and is currently attending Seminary! 

    Interests: I enjoy reading, catching up on my favorite shows, dancing at weddings, spending time with friends and family, traveling, and organizing. 

    What I love about ministry: I love getting to know people and having intentional conversations. I love seeing people discover the need for God in their lives and walk through what it looks like to follow Jesus. I love walking alongside other believers as we grow and seek God together in community. 

    Interesting thing about me: I jumped off a waterfall in Jamaica and would love to do it again!