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Thank you so much for your interest in giving to The Revolution! Financial gifts are used to keep the church functioning by paying for outreach events, bible studies, tech equipment, printing, advertising, books, food, coffee, and all the essentials that help us do what we do.


1. Online

You can give online as a special gift or a recurring gift (either from a checking account or a credit card.)

A note on credit cards:

Credit cards can be and are a curse on many millions of Americans. We desire that not be the case for you. It would be ideal for us if you desired to give via the EFT or checking transfer program (option 1), though we realize that not everyone prefers this method. We would just ask that if you’re giving via credit card, you have good credit card practices (such as only putting on your card what you have cash to pay off each month, not carrying balances, and not playing the transfer games). PLEASE don’t give to us via credit card if you’re not in a place to be paying off your balances monthly.

2. By Mail

Make checks payable to “The Revolution” and send to 1968 W. Main St. Muncie, IN 47303. You will receive a receipt in January each year for tax purposes.

All donations are processed safely and securely.

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