Carl Frost, revolution pastor


Hometown: Bloomington, Illinois (make sure you pronounce that s)
Family: My wife Carolyn and I have been married for 15 years. We have three little kids, Lincoln who is 12 and Lily who is 10, and Wilson who is 7.
Interests: Playing sports, but that is getting harder since I turned 40. I’ve definitely lost a step. I am a pretty serious NBA fan. I also act regularly in Muncie’s Civic Theater.
What I love about ministry: I love meeting new people. I love helping people get connected to community and seeing that community help transform people’s lives. I also love to teach and study the Bible.
Fun fact: I have done 5 marathons, but I really don’t enjoy running.


Jeff Eads, revolution pastor


Hometown: Anderson, IN
Family: My wife Andrea and I have been married for nearly 25 years. We have four fantastic “kiddos” (They’re not all kids anymore.): Madilyn, Jack, Dorothy, and Guster. 
Interests: I enjoy playing ultimate frisbee and basketball, traveling, dancing with my wife and going on dates with my kids.
What I love about ministry: Talking with people about how the gospel impacts our whole lives and helping people navigate the transition from college to whatever comes next. 
Fun fact: I raised grand champion goldfish in 4-H when I was a kid. It was covered in the local paper (we didn’t have the internet way back then)



Hometown: Madison, IN
Family: I have an older sister that lives in Indianapolis and my parents live in southern Indiana.
Interests: I love Muncie, cooking, hanging out with friends, campfires, roller coasters, and really good coffee.
What I love about ministry: I love people and practically sharing the love of Jesus with them. I love seeing people get connected in community and grow deeper in their understanding of God’s love for them and others.
Fun fact: I’ve never had a cavity.



Hometown: I was a child of Air Force parents. I spent about eight years in Troy, Ohio and graduated from Troy High School.
Family: I have one older sister and both of my parents currently live in Ohio.
Interests: Twitter, coffee with hazelnut and oat milk, reading, writing, being outdoors, spending time with people, listening to music, keeping up with pop-culture, and biking.
What I love about ministry: I love walking with people as they surrender different parts of their lives to God and seeing how what they're passionate about comes alive in the Gospel. I also love engaging with how God is transforming our hearts through our minds—what we know about who He is and how He cares for His creation.
Fun fact: I'm the friend you want at your wedding. I love canceled plans.



Hometown: Fishers, IN
Family: Parents and grandma who live in Fishers, IN, older brother living in Pismo Beach, CA
Interests: Cats, coffee, dr pepper, 4 for 4’s, road trips, video games, antique stores, cardigans, bonfires
What I love about ministry: Hearing people's stories, seeing them encounter Christ, and watching them grow in their walk with the Lord throughout college and after. I’m also a big fan of worship music.
Fun fact: I’m actually pretty funny



Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
Family: My parents and two sisters live in Indy. 
Interests: I love reading, writing, and discovering new music. I also love deep dish pizza, matcha, and baking. Sometimes I really love watching and playing basketball, even though I'm not very good. 
What I love about ministry: My favorite thing about ministry is witnessing students see how the Spirit is moving in their lives to draw them deeper to the Father. 
Fun fact: I play drums! I’m also a published author.