House churches

House churches are the backbone of The Revolution and are all about connection. We meet weekly to engage in life, study the Bible, and challenge each other to be more like Jesus. House churches are tight knit groups of 10-20 people that get together every week to do stuff you care about and that is applicable to your life. In house church, you’re a valid contributor, not just a spectator. They’re the best place to meet new people. You’ll want to get hooked up with one.


Mondays @ 9:00pm/ Crossfit Bible Study

White River CrossFit Gym

1520 W North St, Muncie, IN 47303 

Neil Kring,, 765.228.3844

Wednesdays @ 7:00 /418 W. Charles St.

Toria Callow,, 419-604-8461

Kelsie Adkins,, 765-283-7251

Misa Arrieta,, 847-505-5545

Alexis Mckenzie,, 317-488-1749

Justin Rusk,, 812-230-3121

Maddie Kupiainen,, 317-989-5070

Wednesday @ 7:30pm / 2320 Euclid Ave.

Rachel Howard,, 317-416-1626

Katie Hall,, 317-964-169

Thursdays @ 7:30pm / 2104 N. Rosewood Ave.

Molly Crenshaw,, 812-521-5086

Josh Buggs,, 317-760-2044

Thursdays @ 8:00pm / 1421 W. Washington St.

Reggie Hayes,, 260-227-0847

Carly New, cjnew2@bsu.edu812-264-3977, 

Josh Maurice, jbmaurice@bsu.edu765-438-0056, 

Thursdays @ 8:30pm / 3113 W. Devon Rd.

Carl Frost,, 765-760-5282


There are several community groups made up of graduates and community members in our church.

For more information on getting involved in a community house church, please contact Neil Kring.