Our different ministries at The Revolution and are all about connection. One of our values at the revolution is that every member is a minister. We desire to see everyone in our church community active in their faith in some way. We have many opportunities to serve at the Revolution and invite you to join in with us.

revolution women's ministry students

Our women's ministry consists of a vibrant community of women. Our goal is for women to connect with one another for the purpose of equipping and encouraging each other towards finding hope and identity in Jesus. 

revolution men's ministry students and staff

The goal of the men's ministry is to explore what being a man of God means and to study God's word together. Our hope is to see the men in our church have a love for Jesus that results in kindness, gentleness, humility, boldness, discipline, and service toward others.

Imprint logo, candle with phrase "imago dei" below

Imprint is a ministry designed for people of color at The Revolution. Imprint seeks to create space for people of color to engage with how the Lord might use their unique cultural, racial, and ethnic background to restore the Kingdom of God.

revolution family photo

While our church is campus focused, we have a community of post-grads and Muncie locals who are committed to following the Lord through our many different and shared seasons of life. We seek to foster a community of support for those at any stage of life after college.

muncie fellows classroom lecture

The Muncie Fellows program is a nine-month leadership program that equips college graduates to live out their faith in every area of life. The vision of Muncie Fellows is to inspire and equip a rising generation of leaders to explore their individual calling and embrace the reality that all aspects of life are to be lived unto God.