liberia summer update- 2018

To our Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord and Partners in Ministry,

Summer 2018 Greetings to you all! We are out of words to express how grateful and appreciative we are for your continuous partnership with us in extending the “Kingdom of God” in Liberia, West Africa. 

Thank you so much for your continuous prayers and support!

Some Highlights of our Summer 2018 Missions Trip:

All-Night Prayer Meeting:

We began our ministry endeavor through prayer, May 12 at 9p.m. and ended at 6a.m. May 13. This all-night prayer was opened by Pastor Ron Follmer of DeSoto Christian Church, Missouri, and Pastor Tim McDonald of West Springs Church, Missouri, by speaker phone. As usual, this was very encouraging to our group, for it emphasizes the fact that “Christ’s Body,” “the Church Universal” is one! We are all on the same “Mission.”    


Young Adult Leadership Training Workshop:

Clean Water Well Construction Work:


Pastor’s Living Quarter Construction Work in Progress

Dangerous Road Trips: Please watch the Attached Road Trip Video

Installation of Solar Panels at One of Our Village Churches:


These panels were generous donation from Cambridge Christian Church and Centerville Christian Church, Indiana.

One of Our Annual Training Conference Teaching Sessions:

Ordination of Pastors:


Conference Closing Ceremony:


Conference Climax: The Below Seven People Accepted Jesus as Their Lord and Savior and were Baptized:



Again, thank you so much for your partnership.